A music inspired and soul-uplifting workout
that injects positive energy into your day and goes well beyond
a mere physical experience.
Space's logo embodies the elements of a bike and stereo speakers,
exemplifies the core values of our brand.
We are committed to amplifying fun through fitness with our offering of music-themed cycling and barre classes.

At Space,
we've created a trendy and welcoming environment for individuals looking to adopt an active, healthier lifestyle. We'll show you the right way to achieve results while having fun, no matter what your fitness level is.
In each class, you'll find upbeat music to fuel your training, a tight-knit instructor & peer support system, and an intense workout that leaves you with a rewarding sense of accomplishment.
Come experience the transformational journey with us. You will discover a more powerful, happier, and energetic version of you.



Indoor Cycling + Strength Training + Yoga


Ballet + Pilates + Music


For Modern Yoga


Cardio Aerobic Training + Body Rhythm

Cycling is not just about pushing your physical limits. It's a complete experience that will transform your body, mind, senses, and your lifestyle.

【Cycle Light】
This 45-minute class is designed for newcomers to studio cycling or individuals seeking to focus on the basics. Our instructors will guide you through all the fundamental steps including bike set-up, safety tips and cues, as well as an overview of the moves done on the bike. In the last 30-minutes, you will gradually build up to a conditioning section, where you'll be riding with the beats as you follow a choreographed mix of upper body work, hills and drills. Once you've mastered the basics, you'll be able to develop the rhythm and the form needed to perfect this immensely popular workout.

【Space Cycle】
Our signature cycling class is a motivating and exhilarating indoor cycling ride that is geared towards seasoned riders. The 45-minute workout includes a warm-up session, upper body sequence with hand weights to sculpt arms and shoulders, periods of stretches in between interval trainings, and a cool-down segment. All classes are music-driven; some are designated as special themed rides with a curated playlist and/or live DJ. Be sure to check out our class schedule to reserve these classes in advance!

【Bliss Cycle】
Enter a whole new realm on the bike. Bliss cycle rides are aimed to help restore and revive your core, improve mental clarity, and relieve stress. In this 45-minute session, you will be guided to connect to your inner space as you maintain constant movement and breathe on the bike. Take your physical and mental fitness to the next level with this meditative ride!

SPACE BARRE powered by Xtend® is a trendy ballet-based workout, available exclusively through SPACE CYCLE in Taiwan. Now you too can enjoy the benefits from barre!

Barre Class Offerings:

LIGHT: A perfect intro for anyone interested in learning more about barre. This 60-minute class provides you with an overview of the fundamental movements and positions for an effective barre workout. You will be guided through a combination of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches designed to help you align the body and build proper form. Aside from the ballet barre, various props like the yoga ball and light hand weights may be used to engage harder-to-reach muscles. Be prepared to see big changes in your body just from these small range movements!

SPACE: Designed for individuals who are familiar with barre techniques and positions, this class is a challenging step up from Barre Light. In this 60-minute high-energy interval training, our instructors will guide you through a series of choreographed movements aimed to tone your muscles, strengthen your body, and optimize cardiovascular results. Classes have an amazing momentum, with heart-pumping music, fast transitions, and long range-of-motion moves that will make you work up a sweat. Sink into the beat of the music and brace yourself as we take you to your limits.

Sequenced movements

Eclectic playlists elevate these powerful core-strengthening classes, bringing all the functional benefits of yoga while emphasizing the fluid integration of breathing, balance, and movement. Our classes are designed to serve people with all levels of yoga experience, from first-timers on the mat to those looking for continuous tune-ups.

SPACE ALIGN YOGA works by restoring the natural body alignment, eliminating the pain caused by poor posture, and helps you perform at the highest level. Poses are held for longer durations in Align class, allowing you to fine-tune your position while the body unwinds long-held stress and tightness.

SPACE ALIGN YOGA is perfect for total beginners while providing enough detail and refinement that will always engage the most experienced yogi. As you achieve greater physical balance, this is reflected through mental clarity and inner peace.

SPACE RESTORE YOGA is a calm, meditative style. Postures are held for 3-5 minutes which targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, and ligaments in the body while opening the meridians and flow of energy.

During the long holds, teachers guide meditative awareness including anatomical details of the posture, insight, and inspiration to encourage your self-reflection. Restore Yoga is the yin that balances the dynamic yang of your usual workout.

SPACE VINYASA YOGA is a dynamic style of yoga in which breath and continuous movement are emphasized. Sequences progress from basic to peak postures, building internal heat, and increased cardio-respiratory demand. Vinyasa features planks and other positions that build full-body strength resulting in a highly athletic form of yoga that is appealing to fitness enthusiasts as well as hard-core yogis. SPACE VINYASA YOGA is a moving meditation. Breath is the means to stabilize and stretch the body, as well as the focal point for the mind. The precise coordination of breath and movement leads to the spontaneous meditative state known as Flow.

SPACE HOT VINYASA replicates the heat and humidity of India, where yoga originated. Your body is thermo-elastic, meaning the heat allows you to stretch deeper into yoga poses than you might otherwise. In addition to increased flexibility, the warm environment increases calorie burn, immune support, and purification. SPACE HOT VINYASA is popular amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts that might not enjoy yoga otherwise. Hot Yoga features postures that can be performed by a beginner but have an increased intensity through heat and long-posture holds to be challenging enough for experienced students. Although Hot Yoga is suitable for beginners, because heat will expand blood vessels, those with high blood pressure, pregnancy, or other medical considerations are contraindicated.

Sculpt Yoga is your ultimate full-body workout integrating strength training, energizing cardio beats, and flowing movements to tone and chisel all major muscle groups. Free weights help you get lean and sculpted while achieving visible results. More importantly, this class gives you deepened state of inner strength, vitality, and confidence.

Sculpt Yoga is taught in a gently heated room (28-32 degrees Celsius, humidity at 30%). This 60-minute class is appropriate for all levels, though basic familiarity with yoga or fitness is highly recommended.

Sculpt Yoga No Heat is taught in a non-heated room. This class brings you the full-body Sculpt experience, plus more cardio exercises to elevate your heart rate and keep your inner-fire
glowing bright.

【 Core Flow Yoga 】
Music drives this power-hour to ignite your core and stretch your limits. Benefit from this Vinyasa (Flow)-designed sequence to invigorate your body, breath, and mind. Core Flow sequence features refreshed playlists, integrated movement, and strength training, engaging your upper body, abs, and limbs. Expect to sweat and flow. No matter what your level of experience, conscious breathing infuses the Core Flow practice and awakens new levels of stamina – giving you strength even after you leave the mat. Revitalize your entire day; dedicate this hour-challenge to yourself.

Dance Party is a high-energy dance fitness class that will get your heart racing, enjoying liberation and freedom, as well as a dance wellness party where you can feel the music and the pulse of your

Dance Party combines a musical party experience with an easy-to-learn and versatile dance routine that incorporates cardio, plyometric and core training. This trendy fitness and dance class will have you sweating and enjoying the freedom of your body and mind as you move to the beat of the music with easy steps and joyful energy. Dance like nobody's watching.

Level ◎ Dance Party 60mins: 60 minutes of dance to the beat of the music, cardio aerobic training, can help beginners find their rhythm, and at the same time training to the core.